Why Dobbs Should Be Mentioned With Manning

Why Dobbs Should Be Mentioned With Manning

Even though J0sh Dobbs only finished 12 yards away from Peyton Manning in the all time record books at Tennessee, some still say he shouldn’t be mentioned with the greats that have come through Knoxville. Giving different excuses, mostly comparing him to Manning. Here are those excuses and the argument to why he should and will go down as a great Tennessee quarterback.

” He never won the East, or an SEC Championship”-

While this statement is true, there are so many more factors that go in to those championships, than just Dobbs.  In the 3 years before Manning the Vols won 27 games, 3 years before Dobbs just 15 games.

But let’s be brutally honest here, if Dobbs had the defense that Manning had in 1996 and 1997, he would have won the East too. Manning wouldn’t have won the SEC against these Alabama teams either.

“Yards don’t matter”-

If yards do not matter, than Tee Martin was a better quarterback than Peyton Manning. Right?……No, No he isn’t.  Just because Dobbs ran for more yardage than did Peyton Manning, doesn’t mean he covered less yardage of the field.

“Look at the talent Dobbs had to throw to while he was there”-

REALLY!?!?!?!  Manning had Joey Kent, Jermaine Copeland, Marcus Nash, and Peerless Price!!

“He never beat Alabama”-

Get real! I will say it again, Peyton would not have beaten BAMA either.  Dobbs beat Florida, did Peyton?

The fact is this, Dobbs is statistically one of the best to ever play on Rocky Top, and he should be remembered as such .

Total TD’s in a career-(1) Manning -101  (2) Dobbs- 85

TD’s in a season- (1T) Manning-39   (1T) Dobbs-39

Single Season Total Yards- (1)Manning-3,789    (2)Dobbs-3,777

Career Rushing TD’s- (3) Dobbs-32    Manning-12

Career Passing TD’s- (1) Manning-89  (5) Dobbs-53



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