Music City Bowl Preview

Music City Bowl Preview

The Music City Bowl features 2 teams who come in to the game very banged up.  Or in Tennessee’s case, more healthy than it has been most of the season, yet still banged up. But here is who holds the edge in every aspect of the game.


Both teams have athletic senior signal callers, but you have to give the edge to Dobbs and UT in this phase.  Dobbs is completing 63% of his passes compared to Nebraska’s, Tommy Armstrong, only completing 51%. Josh Dobbs’ 26 TD’s to only 12 INT’s, betters Armstrong’s 14-8 as well.  Rushing? Has to go to the Vols as well. Averaging 197 rushing yards per game, the Vols have all the tools to outgain the Huskers here too.


If only we could end at the defensive line. We can’t however, and Nebraska holds the edge on the defensive side of the ball. Without giving stats, I can make the argument for the Huskers. …..Texas A&M…..Alabama….Kentucky…..Mizzou……Vandy all had close to 600 yards of offense against the Vols D.


Gonna give this one to the Huskers, for the simple fact that Evan Berry isn’t suiting up for the Vols.


I think that Dobbs’ and the offense looks unstoppable in this one.  That has been the MO for the Vols during the past few bowl games and I think it continues here too.  Dobbs goes out on top and will be remembered as the quarterback that made UT relevant again.  VOLS 38-24

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